What is love? Can anyone actually fall in love? Or is it just a feeling which mind creates on its own?

So, many questions and still all of them remain answered with no definite answer.  In fact, nobody can really define it in words because it is usually different mostly. People experience love when they most unexpected it and in most unique ways. Some say its an internal feeling while other say its an expression outside. But I really believe that love is a conscious decision. Yes, it is a decision to feel in love with someone or express one’s love towards someone else.

Whether it be self-love, love with someone else or your love towards something which you want i.e., money, skill or fame etc. all you need to do is love it consciously and make efforts to get or sustain it in your life. And with so much conscious effort you might even start doing the same involuntary in your subconscious.

Surprised? Shocked!!!

Yes, this is absolutely the opposite you must have heard till date because we unfortunately misinterpret many other feelings as love. So never shy away from falling in love instead make efforts to make yourself trained to love everything around you.

By Roshni