Last year was pretty difficult for all of us and I was really struggling with my mental and physical health. All around me were beautiful, confident, and successful women making me wonder do I really have it in me? I wondered; Why am I failing and yet they can manage and feel good about it.

I am very curious and wanted to find out. In life I did get many opportunities although I chose to opt-out but now was a situation that was making me doubtful did, I make the right choices, or was I making it an excuse to stay in the comfort zone.

I wanted to find and share it with other women to feel happy about one’s decision even if it made you stay at mediocrity because for growing an entire generation someone has to adjust but the point is you should understand your limit and not be manipulated over your extreme points.

A friend, recently told me I keep trying the limits of my partner but the moment I see any resistance I withdraw myself just a bit and slowly bring the comfort zone back. I really felt this approach better than what I had been having all my life in cases where I wanted a long-term relationship.

So, I started interacting with sundry people from all around the world and tried to understand their situations and their choices. What I observed was no rocket science but quite revolutionary for me so I would like to share it with you do let me know if you find these useful.

If I could practice them, I know you will be because I am among the laziest lot. Here are the 15 self-care maneuvers you need to practice to get their paybacks.

By Roshni